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Our Mission

Balance Of Powers was created to help people all over the world learn to utilize the practice of Yoga to build strength, confidence, freedom, and peace of mind. Following our trainings, we began teaching group Yoga and Fitness classes. Learning with each and every experience, we help each other stay focused and motivated. We are here to help you do the same. We continue to work towards our goals of living a meaningful life, while sharing our passion for Yoga in the hope that you will find some inspiration and finally make the decision to be the best version of yourself possible. And we hope that you trust us to guide you on this journey. We have dedicated countless hours creating this content, excited to share it with you. If any of what we said resonates with you, than you’re in the right place.

Our Promise

Results Guaranteed

Become the Best Version of yourself

It certainly wont happen overnight - however, with hard work and dedication, in conjunction with our guidance, we are absolutely certain that your life will evolve drastically. By implementing small changes daily, you can have enormous implications in your life, your job, and your relationships.

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Go at Your Own Pace

Make the Most of Your Time! Everybody learns at a different pace. With our program, you get to decide how quickly you advance. You are in control! Perfect for busy schedules, long work days, and for parents who just cant make it to the studio.

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Constantly Growing and Evolving

Rest easy knowing that the information you will receive, comes from credible source. Accredited by YOGA ALLIANCE©, we perpetually strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to grow. With multiple certifications, including a 200HR RYT and a Yin Yoga training, We are constantly expanding our horizons and learning new things. We are passionate about sharing these magnificent discoveries with you.

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Get In Touch With us!

Don't quite understand how to hold a pose? Maybe you need help finding peace during meditation... Whatever it is that you need help with, we encourage you to seek out our advice! Hit us up with all your questions at contact@balanceofpowers.com and we will gladly respond to your inquiries ourselves... who knows, we might just make a video acknowledging the subject!

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